Whether you have gone through breast cancer surgery, hip-replacement or cardio-vascular surgeries, taking home based physiotherapy sessions will help in recovery process. It not only improves your healing process but also enables you to quickly return to your routine. 

Physiotherapists possess essential knowledge about surgeries and various treatment options after surgical procedures. They can tailor physiotherapy sessions according to each patient’s needs. It reduces the chances of rehospitalization of the patient. Different research studies have concluded that patients should start working on their rehabilitation and physiotherapy soon after their surgery.

In this post we will discuss why it is important to start your physiotherapy sessions after going through a surgery.

To Regain Strength, Balance and Mobility

You can experience limitation of mobility in the affected body part or region after surgery. It is an inbuilt characteristic of human body to protect the injured part. This can lead to limitation in mobility, muscle/tissue swelling, tightness or spasms. Home based physiotherapy sessions include mobility exercises, myofascial release, strengthening exercises and various manual techniques. All of these help in strengthening of muscles located in back and core. Also, they enhance your overall balance and stability which in the long run is important to recover from orthopaedic surgeries.  

To Relieve Swelling and Pain

Patients recovering from surgeries have swelling in the affected body region and its severity varies from patient to patient. Our body releases chemicals for stimulating nerves and compression of nerves due to excessive inflammation creates pain. Decrease in swelling is essential for healing and mobility. It will eventually provide you relief from pain. Home based physiotherapy sessions are designed not only to reduce swelling and pain but also prevent these conditions from becoming chronic.

To Reduce Formation of Scar Tissue

Whether you are healing from a surgery or an injury, soft tissue of affected area contracts and scar tissue starts to form. Scarring is a part of natural healing and it can occur in all types of surgeries. Excessive formation of scar tissue reduces normal movement and functioning of the body for next several months after surgery. A physiotherapist is skilled in performing various tissue mobilization techniques such as ultrasound and massage therapies. These can soften the tissue and allows the patient to regain normal mobility.

To Eliminate Secondary Health Problems Related to Post Surgery

Patients can experience blood clots, infection and other complications after surgery. Getting timely physiotherapy session reduces chances of these complications and the cost attach to their treatment. Sessions suited to individual needs under the supervision of physiotherapists are most effective to eliminate and reduce health risks involved after surgical procedures.

To Improve Flexibility

Doctors mostly advise their patients bedrest after surgical procedures. Your muscles can get stiff due to constant inactivity and this can lead to injuries. When your muscles and joints are tight and stiff, it can highly affect your normal activities such as walking, climbing stairs, changing your position from sitting to standing and reaching overhead. Your physiotherapist will start your home based physiotherapy sessions with simple stretching exercises. These are designed to improve your flexibility so your muscles are safe from injuries.

Depending on your type of surgery, soft tissue needs up to eight weeks for healing. Your physiotherapy sessions should last for that period. You can choose for either physiotherapy home care services or visit hospital to take these sessions. Physiotherapy is highly effective and it enables you to return to your normal routine in matter of weeks. eShifa offers the services of best physiotherapists in Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan. Contact us now to get personalized physiotherapy sessions at home.