eShifa Elderly Care Program (Home Based)

Home care plans can help senior/ elderly members of the family & people with special needs through home based monitoring, care & necessary assistance to resume normal life activities. Individuals who have acute, chronic, or long-term illness, recovering from surgery, or needing support with mobility can benefit from home care as well.eshifa Elderly Care Program



  • Personal Care: Help with activities of daily living (such as dressing, walking, exercise, hygiene bathing, etc.)
  • Wellness Services: Regular check-ups at home (blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar level monitoring, weight management, medication plan & reminders and general health assessment)
  • Online Consultation with Specialists: Medical specialist, Diabetes specialist, Cardiologist & other specialists as per the need
  • Facility for Home Lab Sampling, Home Medicine Delivery, Home Physiotherapy, Home Vaccination, etc. as per requirement
  • We have interim to longer-term home care packages with varying care duration so that you and your loved one can find a care package that best fits your needs and preferences.

How to get elderly care plan?

  • Call 051-111-111-567 or use eShifa Mobile App to book an appointment
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