home monitoring

COVID-19 Home Monitoring Program

For COVID-19 patients who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms,  the program will facilitate patients who are COVID-19 positive but not sick enough to be hospitalized. The home based monitoring provides dedicated care to COVID patients without any delays or waiting time for the availability of a hospital bed.

Package Details

How to Enroll for COVID-19 monitoring program  You can be enrolled for the program either;

–      At the time of discharge from eShifa emergency department

–      After online consultation with eShifa doctors (if your COVID-19 test is positive)

Once referred by the doctor for the home monitoring program, patient/ family needs to sign a consent form for the enrollment

 Level of Care/ Services

(3 day Plan)

–      6 Visits by nursing staff to the patient home (2 visits each day)

–      6 Online consultations by the doctor (2 online consultations each day)

–      Home collection of samples for the laboratory tests

–      Delivery of medicines to the patient home

–      Delivery of necessary nursing supplies to the patient home Up to 3 Daily assessments by Nursing Staff (online)