Home Nursing Services

Home nursing services comes handy when your loved ones need healthcare services at home. Visiting hospitals for simple medical procedures is not only expensive but also takes time. Opting for home nursing services in Islamabad gives you peace of mind. Whether they are going through a trauma, recovering from a surgery, or need a help in treatment, we are there to care and cure. 

We are offering services of certified and registered therapists, nurses and physiotherapists. They are just a call away to be at your doorsteps.


Our qualified nurses can vaccinate you at home. We have vaccination for hepatitis, pneumonia, typhoid, H1N1, all range of vaccinations for new born babies and mandatory vaccinations for travelling abroad.

Post-surgical Care An experienced nurse is essential to take good care of patients after minor or major surgeries. Post-surgical care encompasses from diet care to pain management. Numerous of such post-surgical procedures can be easily performed in the comfort of your home and we are here to provide all of them.

IV Cannulation & Infusion/ Injections: Visiting hospitals for simple procedures such as infusion or injection administration can take up to several hours. Nowadays everyone has a hectic routine and taking out time can be really difficult. eShifa home nursing care offers you IV Cannulation & Infusion/ Injections at your doorsteps with just a call.

Wound Care & Dressing: Wounds have different types and each type has a distinctive healing process. All of our nursing staff is well-aware and well-trained in handling these wounds and provides the most appropriate care needed for quick recovery.

Urinary Catheterization Care: Do you need bladder wash, catheter insertion or removal at home? Book your appointment now and our experienced nursing personnel will provide you these services at affordable rates.

 General Nursing Assessment: Our well-trained staff can perform general nursing assessment such as asthma care, BP check and diabetic care at your home.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q : What are the things that an eShifa nurse would do at home?
A : eShifa’s trained nurse can assist you with post-surgical care, Urine catheterization, Suture removal, Wound care, Injections, , IV infusion and more.

Q : How often a nurse will visit me?
A : The frequency of nursing visits varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan.

Q : How qualified are nurses from eShifa?
A : All eShifa nurses are professionally trained and certified.