eShifa Home Rehabilitation Services

eShifa offers wide range of rehabilitation services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Autism Therapy, Speech & Language Pathology services, etc. to your home under supervision of a qualified & trained team of rehab specialists.

To guarantee that you or your loved ones maintain a healthy lifestyle, physiotherapy sessions should be arranged on a regular basis. Following surgery or an injury, these rehabilitation exercises are important for your recovery. Physiotherapy improves physical strength, function, and mobility. We create personalized therapy plans with a dedicated schedule for therapy sessions focused on your complete rehabilitation and recovery at home. Our home physiotherapy team which includes male physiotherapists and female physiotherapists at home, are skilled in the assessment and hands-on management of a broad range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, circulatory, and respiratory and nervous systems.

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Serviceseshifa Home Rehabilitation Program

  • Home Physiotherapy
  • Home Autism Services
  • Home Occupational Therapy (Improving daily living skills; dressing, feeding, bathing, etc.)
  • Home Speech Therapy Services
  • Home Behavioral Therapy Services

Additionally Some of the home physiotherapy services offered by us include;

Muscoskeletal: This includes all sorts of pain including back pain. Knees pain, arthritis, sports injuries and whiplash associated disorder.

Post- Stroke physiotherapy: With regular physiotherapy treatment, muscle tone can be improved making the patient as mobile as possible in paralysis.

Parkinson ’s Disease: Parkinsonism is a movement disorder. Physiotherapy treatment can help the patient in gaining more mobility and independence.

Cardiac Rehab Post Heart Attack: Physiotherapy post heart attack helps in decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure at rest and during exercise.

Back Pain: A sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and daily travel can cause persistent back pain. You no longer need to live with that pain and lead a restrictive life. Just get in touch with us and allow us to relieve you of your pain with the help of qualified and well trained physiotherapist, at the comfort of your home.

Respiratory Physiotherapy: Another major field where the benefits of physiotherapy are used is in respiratory problems like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis.

Post Surgical Rehab: If you have just undergone surgery, physiotherapy at home can help you get back to normal life faster. Regain your mobility with our expert in-home physiotherapy treatment.


Choose eShifa Home Rehabilitation Services?

eShifa Home Physiotherapy Service is a safe, reliable and efficient alternative for people who are homebound or don’t want to visit a hospital for their physiotherapy sessions, we offer;

  • Integrated Team of Doctors Technicians and Support Staff
  • Availability of female physiotherapy/ rehabilitation therapists for female patients
  • Flexible Packages for home care plan
  • Highly Qualified and Trained Team of Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Easy One Tap Prescription and Reporting through Call or Application
  • A Qualified and Experienced Team of Highly Trained Medical Specialists, Rehabilitation Specialists, and Physiotherapist Doctors
  • A JCI Accredited Institution offering Complete Home Health Services such as Online Doctor, Home Lab Sample Collection, Home Nursing, & more…
  • Instantly Avail Access to Home Health Services with One Click!


How to get Home Rehabilitation Services?

  • Call 051-111-111-567 or use eShifa Mobile App to book an appointment
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