Providing care to a patient or an elderly is a round the clock job. This can lead to mental, physical and emotional exhaustion in caregivers. Hospitals provide care and attention but they are costly. The best alternative is to search for a good home nursing care. However, trusting an outsider for this job can prove difficult. In this post, we will give you tips on what should be considered before making this crucial decision. 


First you need to assess the frequency and timing of home nursing services. You need to decide whether you need a full-time nurse or for a few hours each day. Additionally, if you have a paralyzed patient, you might want the nurse to live with the patient till he/she recovers. You need to choose nursing services with flexible options. For example, if the patient’s condition gets worse, they should be able to provide 24/7 care. 

Communication with Family

When you are making a decision for hiring home nursing care, you need to involve all of your siblings and parents. In case one of your siblings is living far away, this process can prove difficult and time consuming. However, taking on board every stakeholder is very important. You need to be clear about your limitations and convey them to your loved ones. Sometimes, it is considered a taboo to get nursing care, but your loved ones need to understand that it will improve the well-being of the patient or elderly.

Need for Specialized Care

Some diseases such as Alzheimer’s and various types of cancers need specialized care. Also, if your loved one is totally bedridden, he/she will need support and care rather than just medication. In all of these cases, you need to take his/her condition into consideration before choosing home nursing care. Discuss needs of the patient or elderly with the nursing staff provider and check if they have required certifications and skills.

Social Activities

The patient or elderly has his/her own reservations as well. Most of the time, the thought of a professional caregiver leads to fears of isolation and limited social interactions with family and friends. You need to take into account what activities they enjoy and communicate them with the caregiver. In any circumstances, their social interaction should not be affected. You need to put forward your requirements while discussing with the home nursing services. Hire a person who is accommodating to your needs. This will enable your loved ones to be at ease around the person who is providing them care.

Skills and Certifications

Off course, it is essential to make sure that the nursing personnel you are about to hire for your loved one has the desired skills and certifications. You need to ask for his/her resume and also check online reviews for the home nursing care provider. This will ensure that you are getting the services of certified and licensed nurses. You can also search for references or the places where he/she worked earlier.

Scope of Nursing Care

If you are searching for a full-time nurse, he/she will be responsible for more than just medication of your loved one. He/she will be preparing meals, checking on doses of the medication, getting a doctor appointment, and caring for him/her at home. Hospitals can hire multiple persons to perform a single task. However, for in-home nursing care, you need a single person to perform multiple tasks so you need to choose wisely.

Financial Matters

Before taking the final decision, you need to think about financial matters as well. Choosing an in-home nurse is definitely more affordable than keeping your loved ones in hospitals. Also, it offers an additional benefit of keeping them at home so you can check on them anytime. This is not possible when they are in hospital or at a caring facility. 


You need to prepare all the questions you need to ask when the potential caregiver meets you. This is essential in gathering information about his/her skillset and credentials. Also, you should be open to concerns and fears of the loved ones for whom you are making this decision. 

We know this decision is very hard to make. However, eShifa is here to provide you answers to all your queries and offer personalized home nursing care solutions.