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Shifa International Hospital Labs

“Laboratory at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad Provides round the clock clinical services in all fields of diagnostic lab, i-e., Bio-Chemistry, hematology, Blood Bank, Molecular Diagnostics, Immunology, Cytogenetics, Microbiology, Histopathology, & Flow Cytometry”

Unique Features

  • Immunology Lab (under the supervision of highly qualified Consultant with largest Test Menu in Pakistan)
  • Total Lab Automation: First of its kind in the Southeast Asia/ Pacific region to automate Hematology, Chemistry, & Molecular Biology on one belt
  • Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT} facility for blood bank to critically evaluate the quality of blood transfusion
  • Fully Automated Cytogenetics Lab
  • Flow Cytometry & FISH technique for Cancer diagnosis
  • Stem Cell Separation technology for Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Molecular Diagnostics by fully automated real time PCR system
  • Largest panel of highly qualified Histopathological Consultants
  • Efficient Lab Integration System (LIS) for faster turnaround time & minimum chances of human errors
  • Comprehensive Covid-19 testing profile (PCR, Serology and lnterleukin-6)
  • Shifa laboratory maintains highest quality standards by coordinating with International & National Quality Assurance organizations like;
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Requirements to Become a Franchisee

Approximate Investment Around 1.5 Million
One Time Franchise Onboarding Fee 0.4 Million (0.3 Refundable + 0.1 Processing fee –Non Refundable)
Required Area Minimum 300 Square Feet
Lab Software Free of Cost
Layout Design eShifa Standard
Yearly Franchise Retention Fee No Retention Fee till agreement terms
Revenue Share 30% of the Revenue (5 % extra will be given for first 3 month for Marketing)/TBD
**Other Terms & Condition Apply**

eShifa Support

Brand Support With the help of our brand and trademarks, you will be in position to compete with existing market & increased your revenue
Collection center Setup Support We will help you right from collection center design, Infrastructure, equipment & other items selection list through online (telephonic/email) mode
Collection Center SOP’s With the SOP’S , Quality Policies & other standardization of eShifa, you can monitor and improve in house Quality of Lab which are essential for credibility
Internal/External Inspection eShifa holds right to inspect the site (announced or unannounced)
Operations Management Support eShifa will provide you Lab supplies (Non-Capital items)/Staff training & operations management guidance
Business Promotion Support Magazine, Referral Pads, Shifa Speaks, Shifa News, Skins, Wall Hangings, Glass Logo, Glass-Door Stickers
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