Almost every family in Pakistan has either a disabled or elderly member to take care of. In most of the cases, they are looked after by the family members and considering home nursing care is not very welcomed. However, availing these services is medically a wise decision. Providing constant care to a patient or elderly can lead to mental, emotional and physical exhaustion of caregiver. In this post, we will discuss 10 reasons why you should opt for these services:

Round the Clock Presence

Home patient care services are always there to offer medical and emotional care to your loved ones. This benefit gives you peace of mind and you can focus on your professional and domestic responsibilities. Trained nursing professionals check your home for safety hazards and make suggestions for improvements. They are helpful in eliminating risks of injuries and reducing the need of rehospitalization.  

Supports a healthy daily routine

In-home nursing services enable elderly and disabled to get the necessary day-to-day care. They help in boosting their morale while maintaining quality of living. They lend a helping hand in daily activities such as bathing, combing, taking them out for a walk and regular medication.

Experienced Home Patient Care Services

Your loved ones are taken care of by skilled home nursing staff. They have necessary training and certifications in the latest techniques of healthcare. They know how to effectively use medical equipment. They handle emergency medical problems with composure and control the situation without referring to doctor again and again.

Constant Check on Nutrition and Diet

Providing a balanced and nutritious diet to a patient or an elderly is a huge task. Researchers have found that adults aged 65 and above, with chronic ailments, are likely to get less nutritional diet. This risk factor increases if they have recently left a nursing home or hospital. Home nursing care protects elderly and disabled by offering diet counselling and preparing healthy meals.

Medication Management

In most of the cases, patients and elderly are taking multiple medications. They can get confused about their timings and doses. Home nursing services in Islamabad and other cities make sure that they take right medicine at the right time and with right doses. This will lead to constant improvement in their health and elimination of drug overdose.

Healthy Social Interaction

Researchers have found that chances of recovery increases by maintaining a healthy social interaction. Home nursing care provides companionship to your loved ones. They engage them into social activities such as reading, walking, watching movies, playing games, etc. 

Better Medical Outcomes

Persons having in-home nursing care have improved health as compared to those who are getting care by their loved ones. It has been found by multiple researches. 

Focus on One-on-one Support

Every patient or elderly has unique needs. Home nursing professionals cater these needs by offering one-on-one support. They build a strong interpersonal bond with their clients. Patients and elderly readily trust on their medical decisions as compared to hospital or nursing home staff.

Affordable Choice

With all the above-mentioned benefits, home nursing care in Pakistan is much more affordable choice than a nursing facility or hospital. Not only your loved one will remain at home but will get the best healthcare.

Situation after COVID-19

Hospitals across the world are under constant pressure due to corona pandemic. In this scenario, it is best to keep your loved ones at home. eShifa offers the best home patient care services in Islamabad and other cities at affordable price. Contact us today to get tailor made home nursing care.